Our Process


Stolzer Medical functions as a laboratory testing services company. Our strength is in our unique design. Traditional lab hired representatives are focused on selling their company's product lines. Regardless of the patient population, specialty, and insurance mix. Our focus is on our providers and their patients. Customizing our approach based on the needs of that practice. It may be that offerings from multiple laboratories is what's required to properly care for your patient population. Being independent allows us to do that in a way traditional laboratory representatives can't. 

We hand select our labs, with a list of qualifying requirements. Labs must be COLA or CAP certified. This ensures there are no efficacy issues within testing, and their standards are second to none. Next we look at their ability to provide the best in diagnostics and molecular testing. We analyze lab reporting, and whether or not it’s consistent with the needs of clinicians. Finally we review their billing policy. We only work with compassionate billers. This alleviates a variety of issues for medical providers. It allows them to focus on diagnosing and treating patients, using the best tools in their toolbox. It also instills a sense of compassion and confidence in patients. It’s rare for a patient to hear that their provider is protecting them in this way.

Our 360 care model is thoughtfully designed to equip providers with the tools they need. Stolzer Medical aims to provide more than just a suite of laboratory tests. We staff our own phlebotomists, medical assistants, and any other personnel required to perform lab duties. We provide all of our own equipment, and handle everything from specimen collection, to packaging, shipping, and even insurance billing. Our clients pay for nothing. There are no cost of goods bills at the end of the month, no shipping charges, and no costs associated with EMR integration. No phone calls to be made regarding supplies running low. We handle everything associated with the laboratory, so you can focus on treating patients, and growing your practice.